Bolt-On Sight Window ASME B16.5 Raised Face (RF) Class 150
Bolt-On Sight Window ASME B16.5 Raised Face (RF) Class 150

L.J. Star, Inc

Bolt-On Sight Window ASME B16.5 Raised Face (RF) Class 150

This bolt-on sight window fits a standard ASME B16.5 Class 150 flange. This an RF (Raised Face) type flange. It's easy to visually identify this type of flange by the sealing surface raised above the bolt circle area. Raised face surface provides a smaller contact area for the gasket, thereby increasing the compression force and thus a more uniform sealing capability than a flat face flange.The base flange mounts to the mating flange using traditional installation methods using mounting bolts. The base flange is sealed to the customer vessel with a gasket. A glass window is then inserted into the base flange sealing with a seal gasket. The glass window is sandwiched between the sealing gasket and a cushion gasket protecting the window from vibration. A flange retainer completes the assembly landing onto the cushion gasket. The flange retainer is held by cap screws to the base flange.

Aperture Dia
7.500 inch
Nominal Pipe Size
Part number: 1396A0002
Manufacturer's part number:
Price: $ 1345.00

Bolt-On Sight Window ASME B16.5 Raised Face (RF) Class 150
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