NPT Sight Glass, Size 3/8, Quartz Window, 316 Housing
NPT Sight Glass, Size 3/8, Quartz Window, 316 Housing


NPT Sight Glass, Size 3/8, Quartz Window, 316 Housing

Specifically designed to handle high pressure, up to 2,170 psi, this sight glass is an ideal choice for oil & gas exploration and production wells assisted by hydraulic pressure. The housing is a 316 Stainless Steel fitting with U.S. standard NPT threads conforming to ASME B1.20.1. For visual inspection, machine vision, laser sensors, in use with all common hydraulic oils, refrigerants, pharmaceutical processing equipment, paper & pulp plants, marine exterior, oil wells, feedwater heaters. Resists most oxidizing acids and salt sprays.This sight window offers non-distorted viewing inside a pressure vessel. The window is flat on both sides, and precisely polished to surface quality of 40-20 S-D per MIL-O-13830. Because the window material is quartz, this sight glass can be used in applications requiring extended transmission ranges. Specifically, this window transmits over 50 percent of light from 217 to 3600 nm wavelengths.The quartz window is sealed into the housing with non-outgassing quartz-filled bond forming a single-piece part. This sight glass has a long working life under severe temperature swings and prolonged exposures to UV light.

Aperture Dia
0.380 inch
Housing Material
AISI 316
Max Operating Pressure
2170 psi
Max Operating Temp
65 C
Window Material
NPT 3/8
Part number: 265A1000
Manufacturer's part number:
Price: $ 275.99

NPT Sight Glass, Size 3/8, Quartz Window, 316 Housing
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