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Bolt-On Sight Windows

Sight windows for ready installation onto existing ASME or DIN standard flanges. These bolt-on sight windows comprise a base with a raised or flat face flange to fit standard ASME or DIN flanges. The glass disc, either borosilicate, quartz or sapphire, is clamped in place by a gasketed glass retainer held by threaded bolts.

L.J. Star, Inc

Bolt-On Sight Windows ASME B16.5 Raised Face (RF)

Bolt-On Sight Windows ASME B16.5 Raised Face (RF)
These bolt-on sight windows fit a standard ASME B16.5 Class 150 flange, RF (Raised Face) type. The base flange mounts to the mating flange using traditional installation methods with mounting bolts. The base flange is sealed to the customer vessel with a gasket. The glass window is sandwiched between the sealing gasket and a cushion gasket protecting the window from vibration. The flange retainer is held by cap screws to the base flange.
Nominal Pipe Size Aperture Dia Mfg.P/N Encole P/N Price
2 6.000 inch BO02AA1L1ANN+N 1396A0001 $1157.00 each
3 7.500 inch BO03AA1L1ANN+N 1396A0002 $1345.00 each
4 9.000 inch BO04AA1L1ANN+N 1396A0003 $1454.00 each
6 11.000 inch BO06AA1L1ANN+N 1396A0004 $1724.00 each
8 13.500 inch BO08AA1L1ANN+N 1396A0005 $1976.00 each