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SAE Sight Glass

SAE J514 sight glasses with straight thread O-ring boss. The window is bonded or fused into a housing forming a single-piece part requiring no maintenance during its lifetime. These sights make a hermetic seal with an O-ring fit in the groove between the port and the sight glass housing. The port is typically machined in using a porting tool conforming to SAE J1926-1. In other words, the sight glass boss follows the SAE J514 standard, while the port follows SAE J1926-1. Porting tools are available from a number of machine tool suppliers . These sights can be installed and uninstalled with the same O-ring several times without loosing the hermetic seal. Ideal for quick installations. SAE sights come in a variety of materials. Windows can be made from crystalline quartz, fused quartz, sapphire, borosilicate. For extended transmission range the windows are available in Zinc Selenide, ZnSe, for IR, or high-purity UV quartz. Metal housings are typically made from stainless steel.


SAE Straight Thread Sight Glasses, Quartz Window, 316 Stainless Steel Housings

SAE Straight Thread Sight Glasses, Quartz Window, 316 Stainless Steel Housings
Sight windows with SAE straight threads for sealing with an O-ring. For visual inspection, machine vision, laser sensors, in use with all common hydraulic oils, refrigerants, pharmaceutical processing equipment, paper & pulp plants, marine exterior, oil wells, feedwater heaters. Resists most oxidizing acids and salt sprays.

AISI 316 Stainless Steel housing has a finish of 32 RMS providing smooth surfaces reducing residues or particle contaminants. Quartz window is sealed into the housing with non-outgassing quartz-filled bond forming a single-piece part. This sight glass has a long working life under severe temperature swings and prolonged exposures to UV light.

Required Port to ISO 11926-1 (SAE J1926-1). Male Stud conforms to: MS16142 for use with O-ring Parker Size 3-916 (AS568A-916). The O-ring is sold separately.
SAE-Dash Size Thread Aperture Dia Max Operating Temp Max Operating Pressure Housing Material Window Material Mfg P/N Encole P/N Price
SAE-8 Boss Thread 3/4-16 0.380 inch 210 bar 70 C AISI 316 Quartz 100528 268A1000 $348.36 each
SAE-10 Boss Thread 7/8-14 0.460 inch 210 bar 65 C AISI 316 Quartz 100530 268A1001 $366.04 each
SAE-12 Boss Thread 1-1/16-12 0.640 inch 210 bar 60 C AISI 316 Quartz 100532 268A1002 $427.35 each
SAE-16 Boss Thread 1-5/16-12 0.860 inch 210 bar 50 C AISI 316 Quartz 100534 268A1003 $464.68 each
SAE-20 Boss Thread 1-5/8-12 1.180 inch 210 bar 45 C AISI 316 Quartz 100536 268A1004 RFQ
SAE-24 Boss Thread 1-7/8-12 1.380 inch 210 bar 40 C AISI 316 Quartz 100538 268A1005 RFQ
SAE-32 Boss Thread 2-1/2-12 1.800 inch 200 bar 35 C AISI 316 Quartz 100540 268A1006 RFQ