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SAE Sight Glass

SAE J514 sight glasses with straight thread O-ring boss. The window is bonded or fused into a housing forming a single-piece part requiring no maintenance during its lifetime. These sights make a hermetic seal with an O-ring fit in the groove between the port and the sight glass housing. The port is typically machined in using a porting tool conforming to SAE J1926-1. In other words, the sight glass boss follows the SAE J514 standard, while the port follows SAE J1926-1. Porting tools are available from a number of machine tool suppliers. These sights can be installed and uninstalled with the same O-ring several times without loosing the hermetic seal. Ideal for quick installations. SAE sights come in a variety of materials. Windows can be made from crystalline quartz, fused quartz, sapphire, borosilicate. For extended transmission range the windows are available in Zinc Selenide, ZnSe, for IR, or high-purity UV quartz. Metal housings are typically made from stainless steel.


SAE Straight Thread Sight Glasses, Quartz Window, 17-4PH Steel Housings

Sight windows with SAE straight threads for sealing with an O-ring. Required port to ISO 11926-1 (SAE J1926-1). Male boss conforms to: MS16142 for use with O-ring AS568A. The O-ring is sold separately.
SAE-Dash Aperture Dia. Max Operating Temp. Thread Housing Material Max Operating Pressure Window Material Mfg P/N Encole P/N Price
SAE-8 0.38 inch 65 C 3/4-16 17-4PH 210 bar Quartz 100528 782E701 $ 348.36 each
SAE-10 0.46 inch 60 C 7/8-14 17-4PH 210 bar Quartz 100530 782E702 $ 367.80 each
SAE-12 0.64 inch 55 C 1-1/16-12 17-4PH 210 bar Quartz 100532 782E703 $ 427.35 each
SAE-16 0.86 inch 45 C 1-5/16-12 17-4PH 210 bar Quartz 100534 782E704 $ 464.68 each
SAE-20 1.18 inch 40 C 1-5/8-12 17-4PH 210 bar Quartz 100536 782E705 RFQ
SAE-24 1.38 inch 40 C 1-7/8-12 17-4PH 210 bar Quartz 100538 782E706 RFQ
SAE-32 1.80 inch 35 C 2-1/2-12 17-4PH 210 bar Quartz 100540 782E707 RFQ