NPTF Sight Glass, Size 1-1/2, Hastelloy C22, Borosilicate
 NPTF Sight Glass, Size 1-1/2, Hastelloy C22, Borosilicate

Metaglas, Herberts Industrieglas GmbH & Co. KG

NPTF Sight Glass, Size 1-1/2, Hastelloy C22, Borosilicate

Sight window with NPTF threads conforming to ASME B1.20.1.For use with all common hydraulic oils, refrigeration, water heaters, and compressed air applications. Note: The image of the objects behind the glass may be distorted as the glass is slightly concave. For perfect optical clarity choose sight glasses with glass filling the entire height of the housing, where both sides of the glass are flat.Fusing glass to metal creates a hermetically sealed single-piece part. The advantage of this construction is high strength of the glass, which ensures safety of operation, even during cycling operating temperatures common with equipment starts and stops. The part is easy to install, and has a long working life without maintenance.

Aperture Dia
30.00 mm
Housing Material
Hastelloy C-22
Max Operating Pressure
100 bar
Max Operating Temp
300 C
Window Material
NPTF 1-1/2
Part number: 409S13
Manufacturer's part number:
Met Type 61-F-150H
Price: $ 647.68

NPTF Sight Glass, Size 1-1/2, Hastelloy C22, Borosilicate
Encole Part No.:
Manufacturer's Part No.:
Met Type 61-F-150H


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